Team With Me

Summary VTHacks was the largest and longest hackathon most of these members had been to at the time. Marisa and Katie were mainly introduced to Android development. The whole team was enrolled in the Big Data Mining and Analytics course at Stetson University, so everyone wanted to work with some data to analyze. Many sponsors offered enormous APIs, but the team decided to create our own data—user information including repositories from GitHub, preferred languages, preferred roles on teams, and a bunch of binary replies about which hackers wanted to team up with other hackers.

Public Safety Android App

Summary During the Software Development II (CSCI 321), my team and I developed an Android app intended to be used by the public safety officers on Stetson University to improve student security on campus and to increase the productivity of public safety officers in responding to on-campus threats. The entire project includes a RESTful API for the apps, an Android app and iOS app for students, and a web app for public safety officers.