Developed during UHacks 2015. MicroManage aims to solve the problem of forgetting to remind others.

Our team sympathized with each other with a common problem: someone says “Hey, remind me to do X later today," or “Can you text me to get Y so I remember when I go to the store tomorrow?" That’s dumb. Why not just set a reminder right then and there? The person asking to be reminded might very well be a busy person. So is everyone else. People don’t have time to remind their friend at 4:30 on the dot tomorrow. Instead, they can send them a timed reminder with MicroManage.

We take an approach similar to Google’s reminders—reminders can be triggered at certain times or at certain locations. Users do not need to sign up, they just need a phone number.

MicroManage was started at UHack (February 2015) by Marisa Gomez, Nathan Hilliard, Alex Ordonez, and Katie Porterfield. UHack was the next hackathon after VTHacks for these members Marisa and Katie implemented what they learned about Android development from VTHacks.

The team agreed that Team With Me had too many features on the list, so we agreed on a smaller list: view reminders, send reminders. Done. We brought a smaller team to UHacks and had less time, so the shorter list of features was appropriate.

The user is able to remind others with the app about tasks they may forget. The user picks a contact, states a time, and types a message. The receiver then gets the message at the selected time to remind them of things they have forgotten.

Built With

android, android-studio, parse