Sherlink Holmes


Sherlink helps users find the next article to read on Wikipedia.

Usually when you visit Wikipedia, you are trying to learn as much as you can in the smallest amount of time… or you are wasting time going down a Wikipedia rabbit hole.

Sherlink helps you stay on track by analyzing the article you are reading and using analytics provided by MediaWiki (which is the software that makes Wikipedia).

Sherlink is a must-have if you are reading long articles, like the one on San Fransisco, because it is a burden to figure out what to read next.

As of writing, New York City is mentioned before the Golden Gate Bridge. You probably want to read about the Golden Gate Bride if you’re looking at the San Fransisco article. That’s what Sherlink Holmes suggests.

Built at HackFSU ‘16.


Let Sherlink find the Wikipedia page you want

Sherlink is a Google Chrome extension that helps you find links in Wikipedia articles.

Sherlink is smart enough to suggest links you are most likely looking for.

Add it to Google Chrome.


Using Yeoman Chrome Extension Generator.


Alex Ordonez

Built With

css, html, javascript