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What I Do

I am a senior software engineer with a focus on backend services. I’ve been programming since 2010. I mainly use Java and Kotlin. I stay up-to-date with the flavor-of-the-week technology. Available to work in Seattle, WA.

What I Don’t Do


I have experience contributing to real-time infrastructural back-end services written in Java/Kotlin using the Spring Framework. Familiar and comfortable in a Linux environment. Develops stable, tested, and continuously improved software systems. Able to troubleshoot and analyze problems, then research and implement the most cost-effective and responsive solution. Available to work in Seattle, WA.

Skills & Tools


TransUnion (formerly iovation) Software Engineer (Feb. 2019—Present)

I joined iovation shortly after they were acquired by TransUnion. I work on a team supporting our bread-and-butter systems (FraudForce) and on new systems (SureScore) which differentiate iovation from its competition. These are large scale, high volume, highly available (99.9% uptime, 100 millisecond response time) systems. I have been recognized for demonstrating flexibility, resilience, teamwork, collaboration, goal-driven experimentation, and risk-taking.

SecureNet Technologies Software Engineer (Mar. 2015—Feb. 2019)

Office Divvy Web Developer (Jun. 2011—Oct. 2015)


B.S. Computer Science Stetson University (2013—2016)

I graduated in winter of 2016, one semester early.

I attended as many hackathons as I could:

Co-founded Stetson Hacker Space (2014—2016) and participated in ACM (2013—2014).

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+1 (386) 490-3600